Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find the equations?
The equations for the relation between IFCC numbers and the respective national DCMs
can be found via the link Master Equations at the homepage.

What is measured?
The IFCC Reference method has three steps. In the first step, Hb from washed and lysed erythrocytes is cleaved into peptides by the proteolytic enzyme endoproteinase Glu-C. The resulting glycated and non-glycated N-terminal hexapeptides of the -chain are then separated from the crude peptide mixture by reversed-phase HPLC. In the third and final step, the glycated and nonglycated hexapeptides are quantified by mass spectrometry or by capillary electrophoresis with ultraviolet detection. HbA1c is defined as mmol glycated hexapeptide per mol (glyated and nonglycated hexapeptides).

How to convert NGSP to IFCC units (and vice versa)?
Click here for the conversion table from NGSP to IFCC units (and vice versa).